the who and why

The story goes like this...

Our journey started almost a decade ago when Jeremy and Becca began roasting coffee at home using a simple Whirley Pop Popcorn maker.  After a little practice (and a few smoke filled kitchens), they began sharing their love of fresh roasted coffee with friends and family.


Some years later, Jeremy and Derek met and began discussing their shared interested in great coffee.  It was at a cupping that Derek first experienced Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – “I didn’t know coffee could taste like this” was his first thought and is an experience we hope to share with more coffee enthusiasts.  Soon thereafter, Derek and Tamara were hunched over a frying pan in the garage trying to recreate his experience.


It was the desire to share these types of experiences with friends, family and all coffee lovers that lead us to open our own coffee roastery.  


For all of us at Aria Craft Coffee the mission is simple: Spread Coffee Love to as many people as we can.  Our focus is on roasting single origin coffees to showcase their unique natural flavors.


Believe us, we love geeking out about our coffee and being meticulous about everything from bean to cup, but we understand this can be intimidating to some coffee drinkers.  We want coffee to be approachable to all. Our goal is to make the coffee experience as simple as possible without sacrificing quality or flavor.